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What My Clients Say About My Service.

"Craig was very helpful in helping us find the right house by going the extra mile to make sure we found the right house at the right price. He is honest with his efforts and I would highly recommend him if you want someone who will work tirelessly to get the job done. He helped me keep from getting taken advantage of by a seller who wasn't honestly disclosing information and got me all my deposit and inspection money back on that deal gone sour. Our second attempt, which ended up being the right house for us anyway went smooth as silk. Thanks again Craig!“  -John & Myrene Putman

"I am sitting here drinking coffee at my kitchen table and looking out my window at my back yard. If it wasn't for Mr. Townsend I would not own my own home now. He made my families dream of owning our own home possible.“   -Mr. Ortiz

“I hired Craig Townsend to list the home I actually bought with another agent, he was the listing agent at that time and I was so impressed by him that when it was time to sell 5 years later I called him to sell it. I had a pest inspection report from “M” pest control for over $10,000 in repairs. He told me that it looked wrong and that he wanted his Pest Inspection person to do another inspection and I am so glad he did. His person came back with a repair estimate of only $1,200!! He saved me enough money on the dry rot repairs alone to pay for the entire real estate commissions! I’d use him again in a minute!” -Richard S.

“I was lost and didn’t know what to do. I had listed with another agent and my house didn’t sell. She kept coming back to me for a price reduction. She  hardly returned  any of my calls and it was very frustrating. I cancelled with that agent and interviewed Craig Townsend. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional. After taking his advice and doing the small repairs and painting he suggested my house sold quickly. I actually got more than the last lowered price that the other agent had listed my home on the market for before I cancelled with  her. I highly recommend him to everyone.” -Alicia J.

“Craig was the next door neighbor of a good friend of mine and we had talked a lot about my buying a home in the future when my divorce was finalized.  Several years later my new family and I found ourselves in a bad situation. The rental we were in for the last 10 years foreclosed and the bank wanted us out. We loved the neighborhood in South Oak Park and wanted to stay. The house right next door had also foreclosed and was bought by an investor who fixed it up and then put it on the market. I called Craig and had him write the offer for us and I am so glad we did. The seller was very much a tight wad and wouldn’t take less then full price since we asked for money to help us close. Craig said he looked at the comps and worried that the appraisal would come in low, but we loved the house and wanted it.  Like Craig predicted the appraisal came in $15,000 low. The seller refused to lower the sales price to the appraised value.  We were about to lose the home we had rented for years and the sale for the home we wanted and the money we spent for the appraisal. The sellers listing agent said that the seller was just going to take the house off the market and rent it until he could get his asking price. That’s when Craig hit one out of the park! He had the listing agent come over to the property to talk to him and us. He said to that agent, “if that’s the case, then why not just rent to my buyers until the market goes up in value and then we can get a new appraisal and close?” The listing agent looked at Craig and said, “I never would have thought of that!” and he was a Re/Max agent. so they did the paper work, the seller agreed and we moved in and rented for 6 months. Then we were able to get a new appraisal at the sellers sales price and close the deal. If it wasn’t for Craig’s quick thinking we would have lost the house we loved. Bravo Craig!”  - Andres G.

“Craig made the home buying process very easy. We had our offer accepted the first house we went for. The loan officer he referred us to got us a great loan program.  He has stayed in touch with us and helped us with an air conditioning problem we had after close of escrow. He pushed and got the home warranty company to pay for a new condenser and coil for the unit and now it works fine. He is always there when we need him, both during the purchasing process and after it.  We refer him to all of our friends.”  -Terry W.

"We listed first with a Re/Max agent and then after she couldn't sell our mothers home, we then listed with a Lyons agent. We were with the Lyons agent when Mr. Townsend brought an offer to us from a buyer, which we accepted. We had a pest control report from a company that was first recommended to us by the first listing agent that had a repair estimate for dry rot repairs under our hall bathroom at $8,400 dollars from 10 months previously. Our present listing agent from Lyons was just going to have this same pest company recertify the report.  Mr. Townsend told our listing agent that he would prefer to have a new one done by the Pest Inspection company that he always uses and recommends.  His recommend company came in  at a repair cost of only $3,200! We wish we had listed our property with Mr. Townsend as our listing agent had talked us into giving up the $8,400 from the first Pest Inspection company to the buyer as a sales concession!"  -Wishes to remain anonymous.

"Craig is the most knowledgeable real estate agent I have ever used. He was always available to show me houses, and he showed me a lot. I appreciated his dedication to our needs. He found us a home we absolutely love" Ginny L.