"Excellence in Real Estate!"

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What Makes Us Different?

Townsend Real Estate and I pride ourselves on being a full service real estate broker that makes a difference by being different. 

We do this by providing our clients with FULL SERVICE on all of our Listings at competitive commission rates.  The Internet has dramatically lowered the cost to list and market a home or property.  We have seen commissions fall from the standard 6% to 5% in the last ten years or so and now we are poised to see them fall again. Many discount brokers have cropped up trying to fill this niche and offer to seller's lower commission rates, but they have also lowered their marketing and their services as well. Why choose a discount broker who also discounts their services and thus discounts their client’s needs? 

What we provide is a Quality Listing Package at a more affordable listing side commision rate that is 30% OFF of the Real Estate industry standard. "Why pay more and get less? When you can pay less and get MORE!"

· 50 Just Listed Post cards.

· 25+ photos of your property.

· For Sale Sign installed on your property.

· Property Domain name and Domain name riders for the for sale sign.

· MLS lock box on the property

· Property listed in the Multiple Listing Service.

· Property on my web sites.

· Create Individual web site for your home with its own domain name.

· Your property listed on Facebook.

· Create virtual tour of your home.

· Advertise throughout the internet, Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, etc. and Syndicate your listing to another 1,400+ web sites.

· E-flyers to all Sacramento Area Agents notifying them that your home is for sale.

· Door to door campaign in neighborhood with post cards .

· Market the property at Main Real Estate Board Meeting.

· Market the property to my extensive sphere of influence, client list, agent and investor connections.

· Open Houses and sending out 50 post card invitations to your neighbors notifying them of the open house.

· Staging Advice to help sell your home faster and for more.

· Plus much much more...

I am so sure of my customer service that I even have an Easy Cancellation Clause on all of my Listings.

Your beautiful home deserves to be noticed and I make sure it will be! 

Email me for my Marketing and Listing Package sent to you by email for no charge.